Une boursière de la Fondation témoigne…

Boursière de la Fondation entre 2007 et 2010, Mme. K. Nithya est diplômée en « électro-homeopathie ». Elle est aujourd’hui infirmière à Bangalore (Karnatka, Inde). Revenue à Sendivakkam pour assister aux festivités du 22 juin 2019, elle a pris la parole devant l’assemblée pour évoquer son parcours. Voici son témoignage.

Good Afternoon Dear Lordship, Monsignor Fr.Regis, Graceful Fathers, Dear Mama Elena Cuomo, President of Cuomo Foundation &-Cuomo Foundation Members, Member of Parliament, Member of Legislative Assembly, Respected Dignitaries and Educational Department Officers and My dear Teachers and Students.

I am Nithya from KK Pudur Village. I studied in our multifaceted facilities available School in the year 2005 to 2007.  My parents are simple Farmers. I was growing with Inquisitiveness in our School with a higher aim of becoming a Doctor. After my school studies, Cuomo Foundation’s Scholarship for Higher Studies gave me a hopeful shape to my dream. It was an unimaginable support to me. It is due to this support today I am given an opportunity to serve many sick in need. I am employed in Ramesh Children’s Hospital, Malur Tk, Bengaluru City, Kolar Dt, Karnatka State since 3 years. It gives me joy and soul satisfaction while serving the multitude in need. My role model is St. Mother Tresea of Calcutta and living model Mama Elena Cuomo who is setting up a trend to spread the Educational, Medical services all over the world for the people in need.  Like her, I have stepped out to Bengaluru city to serve the needy. I feel I am in the process of empowerment. I owe my gratitude to the CUOMO FOUNDATION, ALFREDO CUOMO Higher Secondary School — a unit of Chengalpattu Diocesan Educational Society and our Bishop, Pioneers & Former Correspondents & all the Educational Department officials. My deepest Heart full Thanks to Mama Elena Cuomo, President of Cuomo Foundation — the title owner of the BEST EDUCATIONALIST AWARD for realizing such a great energy to the Girls like me in Sendivakkam, Kovalam & KG Kandigai villages.

THANK YOU once again for the greatest opportunity to be a part of witness sharing in the Official Name Changing Event of the School.

Mme Maria Elena Cuomo avec Nithya, à Sendivakkam – 2006