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« My heart brims with the sentiments of gratitude… »

Excerpts from the Doctoral Thesis « The Credibility of Witnesses in Marriage Nullity Trials » by Father Anthony Joseph, Pontificia Università Urbaniana, Rome My heart brims with the sentiments of gratitude as I completed my doctoral dissertation. First of all, I thank God, Heavenly Father, for all His blessings and His providence during these years and Our…

Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School , Sendivakkam, South India

« (…) Thus Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School has educated thousands of Students who now excel in different walks of life  like Medicine, Music, Administrative Studies, Police, Revenue and Para- Military, IT Field, Social Work, Priestly Ministry, Nunhood and in the Politics of the Nation… (…) The village people lead a happy life due to the…

Parole di Ringraziamento

In questo momento di gioia e felicità, prima di tutto, ringrazio Dio, il Padre celeste, per tutte le Sue benedizioni e la Sua provvidenza durante questi anni. Grazie!  Ringrazio il mio vescovo, Msgr. Neethinathan Anthonysamy, per aver avuto fiducia in me e di  avermi inviato a Roma per studiare e ottenere il dottorato. Ringrazio i…

Etoiles dans les yeux

Jenifer S… De par ses origines, elle avait appris à ne pas rêver. Encaisser en silence les coups durs que le destin lui lançait, ne jamais rien demander à ses parents qui ne parvenaient pas à joindre les deux bouts… Jenifer avait compris que demander plus à la vie ne faisait qu’élargir le fossé que…

The ECSP Scholarship Programme in Tamil Nadu, India

The ECSP was established in 2014 to identify and enable gifted young female students to pursue higher academic studies at universities.  For the academic year 2014-2015, the first recipient of the new scholarship was a 16yrs old student attending St Joseph’s Higher Sec. School in Kovalam. St Joseph’s was the first school in Tamil Nadu…

Shabana Asmin, au plus près des étoiles

Shabana Asmin est étudiante en Ingénierie aéronautique à Chennai, Inde du Sud. Evoluant dans un environnement d’études hyper compétitif, dispensé de surcroît en anglais, Shabana trace son chemin depuis 4 ans au sein de la prestigieuse l’Université privée de Sathyabama….

A Green Team Student Body for a Green school

– By Sarah Lieberson Consultant – Cuomo Foundation The Mambakkam Project is the 7th school to be built by the Cuomo Foundation since its involvement with education and access for disadvantaged children in Tamil Nadu that began in 2001….

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’

Speech given by Sarah Lieberson of the Cuomo Foundation at the opening day of Mambakkam’s Amala Annai High School….

Interview: Satish Srikaran, Architect from India Combining Empathic Design with Green Awareness Talks About Green Building and The Mambakkam School

Satish Srikaran is an Associate at Studio Parametric Architects, Bangalore, India. He has 10 years of experience in designing & developing buildings. He combines his passion for environment responsible designs along with his on-going pursuit to deliver buildings using BIM (Building information Modelling). In this interview,Satish Srikaran goes into detail about Green Building in general and…

Galerie: le dernier voyage d’Alfredo Cuomo en Inde… février 2009